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I am not a doctor, I am a simple girl who chooses happiness!! Let me be your happiness coach!

I study, absorb, practice and experience, and then I share. I shine my brightest when I am learning. I am fulfilling my life's purpose when I am sharing and helping others.

The Choose Happiness Series
with Founder and Guide, Ms. Rose Fauci

In the Choose Happiness Series, we explore fun and simple practices that you can incorporate in your day to day life. These practices will help promote a more positive, successful, healthy and happier YOU!! 

We help you to:
Think more positively
Reduce stress
Identify, set and achieve goals 
Develop a daily meditation practice
Talk less and take more action
 and  much more!!

We present segments of this program several ways so that it is accessible to everyone.
  • FREE Podcast
  • FREE Community Outreach Sessions
  • Telephone Coaching Sessions
  • Live Private Coaching Sessions
  • Chat Groups and Email Support
  • Group Workshops and Clinics

We can come out to your business for group coaching.

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